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PRISM Technical Papers gives access to technical papers written throughout the project. They are listed in reverse chronological order. Clicking on the PDF link will download the paper which can be read using Acrobat Reader.

  • S.P. Gogineni, C. Allen, D. Braaten, T. Akins, P. Kanagaratnam, A. Agah, E. Akers, I. Bhattacharya, D.Dunson, V. Frost, H. Harmon, K. Jezek, K Mason, A.J. Mohammad, R. Parthasarathy, S. Sivashanmugam, R. Stansbury, V. Ramasami, C. Tsatsoulis; Mobile Sensor Web for Polar Ice Sheet Measurements (ITR/SI+AP) PRISM 2004 Field Activities Report; Technical Report ITTC-FY2005-TR-27640-05; November 2004. (PDF)

  • Agron, J., and S. Gogineni, “One-Dimensional Inverse Scattering: Reconstruction of Permittivity Profiles for Stratified Dielectric Media,” Technical Report ITTC-FY2004-TR-27640-04, August 2003. (pdf)

  • Braaten, D., P. Kanagaratnam, T. Akins, and Gogineni, S. Measurement of Thickness of the Greenland Ice Sheet and High-Resolution Mapping of Internal Layers, Technical Report RSL 20780-2; March 2003. (pdf)
  • Brumwell, S., and A. Agah, “Mobility, Autonomy, and Sensing for Mobile Radars in Polar Environments,” Technical Report ITTC-FY2003-TR-27640-02, November 2002.
  • (pdf)

  • Agah, A., B. Shockley, L. Viswanadha and B. Warner, “Locomotion (Terrestrial and Aerial) and Communication of Autonomous Robot Networks,” Technical Report ITTC-FY2003-TR-27640-02, November 2002.
  • (pdf)

  • Shenoy, S., L. Viswanadha and A. Agah, “Graphical User Interfaces for Mobile Robots,” Technical Report ITTC-FY2003-TR-27640-01, November 2002.
  • (pdf)


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