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Principles of Radar: An Introduction

by Dr. Chris Allen

These captioned videos are the components of a 1 hour presentation by Dr. Allen on the topic of Radar, presented June 15, 2004 at the University of Kansas to a group of visiting undergraduates.

The movies are available in two formats. The first has both voice and captions and is of higher quality. The second is captioned, but has no voice and is slightly smaller. Size of each is shown in parentheses next to the title.

Higher Quality with Voice & Caption
Lower Quality with Caption
1. Introduction
2. Basic Concepts  
3. EM Signal Basics  
4. EM Signal Properties
5. Speed of Light
6. EM Signal Propogation
7. Reflection and Refraction
8. Attenuation
9. Scattering
10. Radar Components
11. Block Diagram
12. Block Diagram 1
13. Target Range
14. Target Range 1
15. Target Range 2
16. Altimeter
17. Altimeter Data - United States
18. Altimeter Data - Oceans
19. Antenna
20. Spatial Extent
21. Spatial Extent 1
22. Radial Velocity
23. Relative Radial Velocity
24. Radial Velocity 2
25. Reflectivity
26. Reflectivity 1

A slightly modified script and complete PowerPoint™ show (PDF format) are also available for those who cannot view the movies.


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