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Global Climate Change

by Dr. David Braaten

These captioned videos are the components of a 1 hour presentation by Dr. Braaten on the topic of Global Climate Change, presented June 8, 2004 at the University of Kansas.

The movies are available in two formats. The first has both voice and captions and is of higher quality. The second is captioned, but has no voice and is slightly smaller. Size of each is shown in parentheses next to the title.

We recommend you open the movie and then open the accompanying PowerPoint slide(s) so you can more easily view the information shown to the audience.

    Higher Quality with Voice and Caption
    Lower quality with Caption

    1. Global Average Temperatures

    PowerPoint™ slide

     2 MB

    2. Temperature Anomalies

    PowerPoint™ slide

     1 MB
    3. Global Climate Fluctuations
     1 MB
    4. Climate Data
     10 MB
    5. Greenland Ice Core
     2 MB
    6. Thermal Balance
     2 MB
    7. Main Greenhouse Gases
    8. Carbon Dioxide
    9. Parts Per Million
     1 MB
    10. Ocean Circulation
    11. Cloud Cover
    12. Observations vs Models
    13. Consequences of Global Warming
     3 MB
    14. Climate Change, Ice Sheets and Sea Level Rise
     924 KB
    15. Polar Ice Sheets and Sea Level
     1 MB
    16. EPA Data
     10 MB
    17. Recent Changes to Greenland Ice Sheet
    18. Ice Flow Changes In Antarctica
     2 MB
    19. Mass Balance
    20. Key Boundary Conditions
    21. Other Global Warming Consequences
    22. Extreme Precipitation Events
    23. Increased Blizzards and Snow Storms
    24. Changes In Midlatitude Storms
    25. Tropical Storms and Hurricanes
    26. Increased Frequency of Drought
    27. Conclusions

A text script for the entire lecture and the complete PowerPoint™ show are also available for those who cannot view the movies.


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