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PRISM Intelligent Systems

by Ms. Sudha Sivashanmugam

These captioned videos are the components of a 1 hour presentation by Ms. Sivashanmugam on the topic of Intelligent Systems, presented July 1, 2004 at the University of Kansas to a group of visiting undergraduates.

Size of each QuickTime movie is shown in parentheses next to the title.

  1. Introduction (12 MB)
  2. What Are The Radars Measuring? (23 MB)
  3. Different Radars Used By PRISM (15 MB)
  4. Monostatic vs Bistatic Radar (16 MB)
  5. The Rover (11 MB)
  6. Rover Movements Needed for Different Radars (9 MB)
  7. Onboard Intelligent System and Radars (24 MB)
  8. Additional Responsibilities of Intelligent System (12 MB)
  9. Real-time Decision Making (21 MB)
  10. What is an Agent? (24 MB)
  11. Matchmaking and Inference Engines (10 MB)
  12. Components of PRISM Intelligent System (13 MB)
  13. Multi-agent Systems Used by PRISM (5 MB)
  14. System Agents (10 MB)
  15. Diagram of Multi-agent System (13 MB)
  16. Matchmaking (24 MB)
  17. Some Implementation Details (16 MB)
  18. Example of a Message (15 MB)
  19. Bayesian Decision Engine (15 MB)
  20. Bayesian Network (20 MB)
  21. Example of Probability for Decision-making (24 MB)
  22. PRISM Bayesian Network (13 MB)
  23. Scientific Preferences Are Part of the Decision-making (17 MB)
  24. Evidence Propogation by Hugin Software (8 MB)
  25. Process of Propogating Evidence (25 MB)
  26. Defining Nodes and Tables in Hugin Software (11 MB)
  27. Conclusion (22 MB)

A slightly modified script is also available for those who cannot view the movies.


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