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New Rover

The new Rover, tentatively named MARVIN II, arrived at our labs on December 22, 2004.


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truck and red rover
man driving rover with treads on rover

Terratrack delivered our new RangeRunner vehicle to Nichols Hall. This new platform will be automated over the next few months so that it may replace MARVIN as the PRISM mobile Robot. It will tentatively be named MARVIN II until a new name can be selected.


Once off the truck, PRISM team members took turns driving the new vehicle in the parking lot. We quickly drove the vehicle inside to escape the late December chill in the air.

3 men standing around rover indoors
closeup of engine

Once taken into the robotics laboratory at Nichols Hall, representatives of TerraTrack went over various system components and signed all of the final paperwork


  Our RangeRunner is equiped with a diesel engine. This engine will drive the hydraulic pump that pushes hydraulic fluid to a pair of hydraulic motors. Our lower torque hydraulic motors will limit our top speed, but will likely perform better when operating in heavy and slushy snow.

Man stands in front of rover while others look at vehicle
man stands in front of rover with others working on it.

Fellow robotics team member, Eric Akers, stands in front of our new vehicle, while Arvin Agah looks at the back of the vehicle.


Richard Stansbury, robotics team member, is at the front, while Torry Akins (kneeling) works on the side of the vehicle.


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