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Strengths and weaknesses of platforms

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Speaker: Hans Harmon, student, EECS, University of Kansas, 2002.

Modified Transcript: The ATV strength is that it is cheap and that other people have modified it. The weaknesses of the ATV is that it doesn't work very well in snow, and it doesn't have much storage capacity. On the other hand, snowmobiles work really well in ice and cold weather, and have proven themselves in Antarctica. The downsides to the snowmobiles are that nobody has really automated them and they don't have very much storage room for cargo. The six wheeled ATVs work fairly well and they have proven themselves in colder weather. The only apparent downside is that they haven't been taken to Antarctica, which might be a downside, but they have plenty of storage room and they have easy controls to automate, and they have been automated many times. The remote controlled tanks have never actually been made to the scale size that we need, but they would provide the proper amount of storage space and they are already electronically geared which makes it a simple job to automate. The custom job would require a lot of work, time, and effort, but we are sure that we could get something that would meet our needs.


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