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Customizing the Rover -- Step One

Clicking on the thumbnails below will allow you to see a larger image.

  Front-side view of rover   Back-side view of the rover  
  Here is a front-side view of the rover. You can see that it is totally open, so we are going to have to enclose it to make it suitable for Antarctica.   Here is a back-side view of the rover. We will put the computers and generator inside the enclosure back here.  
  Side view of the rover   Pushing the rover up the ramps  
  This is a side view of the rover. Right now you can see it has wheels, but we can put "tank treads" around the wheels for better traction on the ice.   Here we are pushing the rover back up the ramps into the shop so we can work on it.  
  Rover engine compartment   Front view of mock enclosure  
  This is a picture of the engine compartment at the back of the rover. Not only will we have to enclose this, but this area has to be totally weatherproofed.   Another company is going to build the enclosure for us, but we needed to figure out what size each piece needed to be so we built this mock enclosure.  
  Side view of mock enclosure   Back view of mock enclosure  
  Here is a side view of the mock enclosure. You can see the floor that was built over the engine compartment. The computers and generator will be placed on this floor.   Here is a back view of the mock enclosure  
  Panels and framing of enclosure   Spool of weather-stripping  
  This is some of the framing and panels we received from the company for the actual enclosure. The first set of materials that we got weren't made to our specifications, so we had to send them back and wait for replacements.   This is the weather-stripping that will be used to weatherproof the enclosure. It goes between the frame and the panels. This material remains flexible in very low temperatures, at least we hope it does!  

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