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Gallery - Summit Camp - 2005

Snowy conditions at Summit

Scientists Go North To Summit Camp, Greenland

The PRISM project's Third field season is now ended.

The PRISM team departed July 11th for the Greenland ice sheet and returned July 30, 2005.

They stayed at Summit Camp, a year-round arctic measurement and research facility, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Veco Polar Resources . Located at 72° 34'N  38° 29'W and at an elevation of 10,500 feet above sea level, this is the highest elevation north of the Arctic circle. To learn more about Summit Camp, go to the camp website at

The PRISM team worked six days a week for three weeks. During this time they calibrated and tested the rover, radar, integrated systems, and the communication systems.

To track their progress, Professor David Braaten reported daily from the field. Students and teachers can view his journal and the images provided here to get a sense of the work being done.


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