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Video Gallery - Antarctic Expedition (2005-2006)

Rover Turning
This was a test of turns being made by the rover in semi-autonomous mode.

MOV (526 kb) - AVI (5.2 meg)

This video illustrates Marvin II being driven on the ice sheet.

MOV (222 kb) - AVI (2.5 meg)

Planning a Testing Run
Team members plan an early test of the SAR radar. Team members pictured are Torry Akins, Abdul Jabbar and Claude Laird.

MOV (1 meg) - AVI (4.8 meg)
Going Out To Dig Snow Pit
David Braaten, Jerome Mitchell, Joel Plummer and Richard Stansbury leave camp on their snowmobiles with the equipment needed to dig a snow pit in a plastic sled behind David�s vehicle.

MOV (287 kb) - AVI (1.8 meg)
Plane Wave Radar
The rover (Marvin II) pulling the plane wave radar sled with an operator. In this test, the rover was manned. This test was run at WAIS. You can see that the sled moves very smoothly because it is mounted on snowboards.

MOV (933 kb) - AVI (4.1 meg)

Radars On Pisten Bully
Video from WAIS showing the mountings of the accumulation radar antenna and the SAR sleds as the Pisten Bully makes a turn along the grid. One other interesting part of this video is that it shows how hard it can be to distinguish the horizon. The snow and sky color are the same in this video.

MOV (8.9 meg) - AVI (17.1 meg)

One of the storms that occurred when we were at WAIS. This one had wind and blowing snow. Near the end of the video you can see some of our team out working. This is the day the team was calibrating the SAR.

MOV (1 meg) - AVI (7.4 meg)
Snow Sculptures
A short video showing some of the fantastic shapes the wind carved in the snow of the ice sheet. The wind was blowing fairly strongly on this day and the shapes were carved and constantly changing as snow particles were added and removed from small irregularities in the surface. This created tiny dunes. Taken from inside the Pisten Bully.

MOV (92 kb) - AVI (705 kb)
Video taken from back of Pisten Bully looking at one of the SAR sleds moving across the ice sheet. The bottom of these sleds was Lucite plastic and it seemed to move very smoothly across the snow and ice at WAIS. This illustrates the ease with which it moved across the surface ruts left by the Pisten Bully.

MOV (503 kb) - AVI (3.8 meg)

Christchurch Gondola
Video taken from the Gondola ride in Christchurch, New Zealand. A 360 degree view of Christchurch, Lyttelton Harbour and the Port Hills. The gondola takes you up to 500 meters (1500 feet) above sea level where you can get out and hike or tour a museum. The museum is on the rim of an extinct volcano.

MOV (427 kb) - AVI (2.5 meg)

Joel on Plane
Video taken on the LC-130 that was taking us from McMurdo to WAIS. Joel Plummer is watching the crew fasten down the Pisten Bully in the back of the plane before we take off. This is the Pisten Bully we would be using at WAIS. The LC-130 Hercules has ski-wheels.

MOV (105 kb) - AVI (738 kb)
Pisten Bully Turning
Video documenting the testing of the turn radius of the Pisten Bully while pulling the radar sleds. It was imperative for all the drivers to be able to make the turns necessary to keep the sleds on the grid, so that the radar measurements would be taken as designed. To do this, the driver had to monitor howwide a turn the Pisten Bully needed to make. Too sharp a turn could cause the Pisten Bully to get in the way of the sleds as they made the turn while too big a turn wasted time and fuel.

MOV (1.1 meg) - AVI (6.4 meg)




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