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  Wednesday July 13, 2005

The team got up at 6 a.m., had a light breakfast, and boarded the bus at 7:15 a.m. that took us to the plane. We were all hoping for a successful flight to Summit Camp. We waited on the tarmac until the fueling was complete, then boarded the C-130 and lifted off at 8:40 a.m.. Throughout the two-hour flight most of us slept (as usual since our body clocks are still set 3 hours earlier), but we were all hoping to land at Summit this time after a disappointing turn-around flight yesterday. The landing was successful and we stepped off the plane into the cold, windy and snowy conditions. After a short walk to the �Big House,� the kitchen and dining facility at Summit Camp, we received our orientation from Toby, the camp manager. We took our oxygen saturation, heart rate and blood pressures to make sure that we were not getting altitude sickness. Then we proceeded to find our bags that were piled in the snow outside and take them to our accommodations. Most of us are sleeping in a large WeatherPort shelter, with the exception of one of us (David) who will sleep in an �arctic oven� tent. Returning to the Big House, we were served an excellent lunch! It consisted of tuna and chicken casseroles, biscuits, fresh fruit, rice, and cookies. There seems to be an endless supply of cookies, as they continue to bake all day long. After lunch most of us went to the WeatherPort we are using to stage and test our equipment on the opposite side of the Big House and began unpacking the cargo pallet. David and Pannir went to the Green House where Danish and Greenlandic reporters (from their respective national news services) were waiting to interview members of each of the science teams now working at Summit. The reporters arrived on a second flight to Summit that landed around 1 pm.

Throughout the afternoon, the weather cleared up, so we finished unloading our pallet and set up the equipment in the WeatherPort. This WeatherPort is known as the �rec� WeatherPort, and now it is sectioned off with half for our equipment and computers and the other half as a lounge with a couch and exercise equipment for use by anyone in camp. Dinner is served from 6:00 � 7:00 p.m.; tonight the options included pesto, stuffed shells, salad and cooked cauliflower. The rest of the evening we spent resting in the Big House acclimating to the 10, 600-foot elevation, some playing video games, and others chatting on the phone with loved ones. Tomorrow morning we will start work at 8 a.m. The goal is to get the sled built tomorrow, but the weather is deteriorating a little with blowing snow and a decrease in visibility, so we might have to delay this by one day.

NOTE: This was entire journal entry, not just page 1.

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