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  Thursday: July 14, 2005

Weather conditions deteriorated through the early morning hours with strong winds, blowing snow, low visibility and low temperatures � a wind chill of about -7 degrees Fahrenheit, (-21.2 degrees Celsius). These conditions continued throughout much of the day and forced us to limit activities outdoors. Our breakfast generally begins at 7 am and it is serve yourself. Cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, coffee, and juices are available. There were three scheduled flights to come into camp today, but all of them were cancelled due to the weather. They have been rescheduled for tomorrow morning with the first plane arriving at 8 am. The team had its first full day of work today, accomplished a great deal despite the weather. The plane-wave sled was assembled, the GPS system went through a complete end-to-end test, the accumulation radar went through a series of tests, the Iridium system with the Virtual Dashboard configuration was assembled, and preparations for the snow density measurements were completed. All of the assembly, tests, and preparations went extremely well.

At around 10:30 Torry, David, and John met with Toby the camp manager and the mechanics and machine operators to discuss how they are going to schedule the Tucker tracked vehicle from which the SAR radar and accumulation radar will be operated. Routes of the traverses were discussed, since some areas are off limits to motorized vehicles, but no problems were envisioned with our plan. For lunch, which begins around 12:30 pm, we had a great deal to choose from including chicken noodle soup, lentil soup, fresh fruits, lunch meats, egg salad, coleslaw, and carrots.

Later this afternoon the winds began to die down, the blowing snow began to cease, and the sky began to clear. Even though the temperature did not change much, it felt much warmer without the wind and snow stinging our faces. The wind chill temperature was now 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celsius). During the afternoon, the cooks made a fondue of cut up apples and a chocolate sauce for a snack. For dinner we had Mexican food, including veggie, chicken and beef enchiladas, beef tamales, some vegetarian options and cookie cake. The weather got very nice around dinner time, with. After dinner we had a team meeting to discuss the progress of the day and plans for tomorrow. Work continues until about 9 pm. If the weather we have this evening holds tomorrow, our plans for tomorrow will be to assemble the large SAR antenna sled.

NOTE: This was entire journal entry, not just page 1.

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