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  Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Today started out as a fairly nice day, with mostly cloudy skies, but some blue sky showing through. The winds were light and the temperature was -8 C. An LC-130 flight into camp was expected around 10 a.m., and the camp was buzzing with activity. This flight was planned as a �cold-deck� where the cargo area of the plane is kept very cold (about -20 C) because some of the cargo will be ice cores. Ten people will also be on board, so it is not the most comfortable flight for the passengers. About 10 minutes before the plane was to land, a dense layer of fog formed and visibility dropped to less than 1 mile. The LC-130 pilots are not allowed to land when visibility is less than 1 mile, so the plane circled, hoping the visibility would improve just long enough for the plane to land. After circling for about 40 minutes, fuel was running low and the plane had to head back to Kanger. Over the radio we heard the pilot say, �Sorry, we�ll see ya tomorrow.� For the 10 people expecting to depart today, there was a little disappointment, but Summit camp is a very comfortable place and soon everyone realized it wasn�t such a bad situation after all. Now we�ll have three flights in and out of Summit camp tomorrow.

Since we were not scheduled to leave until tomorrow, we were able to have a relaxing morning. Most of our equipment was packed and ready to go. The only tasks for today were for Torry to finish the checks on the two servers, to finish building the pallet, and to put the cargo net over the pallet.

The food was exquisite today! For dinner it felt as though we were in a five-star restaurant being served Caesar salads, grilled steak, crab legs, portabella mushrooms and zucchini, and baked potatoes. For dessert Pannir made an Indian delicacy, and one of the Swiss scientists made a Swiss apple pudding. So we are definitely well fed and ready to go on our way with good memories of camp, hoping that we can depart tomorrow.

NOTE: This was entire journal entry, not just page 1.

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