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  Friday, July 29, 2005

Waiting to go home was the plan for today. The Air National Guard unit flying the LC-130s is finishing up their scheduled flights to the ice sheet today, and will fly (with us) back to New York tomorrow. This flight period has been very successful with only a few weather delays � unlike the last flight period when a plane was stuck at Summit overnight, and the unit didn�t return to New York until Sunday.

Today the PRISM team took advantage of the day to rest and get ready for the long trip home tomorrow. Some worked on analyzing data, playing video games, and/or taking hikes. We had meal tickets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at an airport cafeteria, but only some of us used them. Those of us that did not want to eat at the airport cafeteria bought groceries at the one grocery store in town and cooked in the kitchen that adjoins our rooms in the KISS building. The reason for the disenchantment is that only one meal choice is served at a particular meal, and this usually consists of a meat, boiled potatoes, gravy, bread, and salad. We definitely were spoiled by the cooks at Summit camp.

Flight days on the LC-130 usually start very early for us, and tomorrow is no exception. We have been told to have our luggage downstairs by 5:45 am tomorrow and to be ready to leave for the plane by 7:15 am. We are anticipating a flight of six and a half to seven hours to New York, depending on the headwinds. This should get us into New York around 1:00 p.m. local time.

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