Java 2 Runtime Environment Installation Guide

  1. Open the windows control panel by:
    Click on Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel

  2. In the control panel window, double-click Add/Remove Programs

  3. In the program list, if there is an entry saying "Java 2 Runtime Environment ...", go to step 4; otherwise, go to step 6

  4. Select Change/Remove on the entry of "Java 2 Runtime Environment ..." to uninstall any previous version of Java 2 Runtime Environment

    Click on Yes if you are asked to remove Java Runtime Environment

    Repeat this step until no more entry saying "Java 2 Runtime Environment ..." is in the Add/Remove Program window
  5. Reboot the machine before proceeding
  6. Download the installation file from here or from Sun Java Download Page
  7. Run the downloaded installation file

    Click on Yes after you have read the License Agreement

    Click on Next > to install the Java 2 Runtime Environment in the default directory

    Click on Next > after you have checked the browser you would like to have the Java Plugin
    The installation program would install the Java 2 Runtime Environment for you

(These screen shots are taken under Windows 2000 Professional. For other Windows operation system such as Windows 98 or Windows ME, the layout would be similar but not exactly the same.)