How to enable the Java plugin in browsers

  1. Open the windows control panel by:
    Click on Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel

  2. In the control panel window, double-click on Java Plug-in 1.3.1_07 (The number "1.3.1_07" is the version number, you may have a different value such as 1.3.1_06 or 1.4.0)

  3. In the Java Plugin control panel, first, you need to check the Enable Java Plug-in box in the Basic Tab

    and then, you also have to check the browser name (in our case, it is Microsoft Internet Explorer) in the Browser tab

    Finally, click on Apply to change the settings.

(These screen shots are taken under Windows 2000 Professional. For other Windows operation system such as Windows 98 or Windows ME, the layout would be similar but not exactly the same.)