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Virtual PRISM - Photo Gallery

Virtual PRISM Photo Gallery allows a closer look at the life of PRISM Scientists when they are "on the ice". The following groups of images are related to the Summer, 2003 field experience in Greenland.

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PRISM Greenland 2003 Video Gallery

Below you will find several video clips from the 2003 trip to Greenland.

Coast of Greenland from Air AVI format-- 1.6 MB; OR MOV format - 469 KB
Description: Looking out the window at the coast of Greenland as the plane arrives. No narration or sound.

Looking Around Kangerlussuaq AVI format--1.6 MB; OR MOV format - 476 kb
Description: A view of the buildings near the airfield in Kangerlussuaq. No narration or sound.

Kangerlussuaq Lake AVI format--1.6 MB; OR MOV format - 473 kb
Description: Lake near Kangerlussuaq. No narration or sound.

Musk Oxen ( AVI format-- 3.2 MB; OR MOV format - 1.6 MB
Description: Looking out the window of the car on the trip to the ice edge. Three musk oxen are seen in background. No narration or sound.

Ice Edge AVI format-- 1.6 MB; OR MOV format - 484 kb
Description: Driving to edge of the ice sheet outside Kangerlussuaq. Nice demonstration of how moving ice picks up dirt as it moves. No narration or sound.

Another view of the Ice Edge AVI format-- 3.9 MB; OR MOV format - 1 MB
Description: Here you can see the beautiful colors in the ice and get a better understanding of its depth. No narration or sound.

C-130 video AVI format -- 5.5 MB; OR
MOV format
- 832 KB

Description: C-130 plane take-off showing rockets being fired from both sides to give extra propulsion. No narration, just sound of plane.

Life at NGRIP captioned .MOV format -- 3.5 MB
Description: Dr. Braaten describes life on the ice.

NGRIP Camp (view 1) AVI format -- 1.6 MB; OR MOV format -- 488 kb.
Description: View of NGRIP camp from the main dome to the living quarters. No sound or narration.

NGRIP Camp (view 2) AVI format -- 1.5 MB; OR MOV format -- 448 kb.
Description: View of flagline, signpost, and some residential quarters at NGRIP. No sound or narration.

Inside Black Dome AVI format -- 3.7 MB; OR MOV format -- 1 MB.
Description: Living quarters and commununal dining quarters in the black dome at NGRIP. No narration or sound.

Progress on the Ice captioned .MOV format -- 3.9 MB
Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam explains how his research is progressing.
Rover video AVI format -- 5.7 MB OR
captioned MOV format -- 4.6 MB

Description: Dr. Agah describes some of the tests being done with the rover.

SAR video AVI format -- 11.8 MB; OR captioned MOV format - 3.2 MB;
Description: John Paden explaining the working of SAR.

Accumulation radar video AVI format -- 6.6 MB; OR MOV format - 1.1 MB
Description: Video clip showing the horn antenna of the accumulation radar and the plexiglass panels with the SAR radar. The only sound is the sound of the motor on the tracked vehicle.

Depth sounder video AVI format -- 5.3 MB; OR .MOV format -- 800 KB
Description: Video clip showing the depth sounder radar being tested.The only sound is the motor of the tracked vehicle.

Antenna video AVI format - 12.8 MB; OR captioned .MOV format 14 MB.
Description: Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam talks about the different radar antennas that were used and tested this season.

Driving on the Ice AVI format -- 1.7 MB; OR captioned .MOV format - 3.7 MB
Description: View from the tracked vehicle.

Check Radar ( AVI format--1.6 MB; OR MOV format - 487 KB
Description: Dennis Sundermeyer checks the connections to the radar and antennas on the sled. No sound or narration.

Team in Bedrock Cafe ( AVI format-- 11 MB; OR MOV format - 2.7 MB
Description: Scientific teams have dinner at Bedrock cafe after it is built. Several team members of the ice core team and the PRISM team are pictured and introduced.

Dance Party ( AVI format-- 4.1 MB; OR MOV format - 1.1 MB
Description: Saturday night party. Music plays throughout.

Relaxing With A Video ( AVI format-- 604 kb; OR MOV format - 120 kb
Description: Teams watch "Easy Rider" DVD on computer. No sound or narration.



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