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  Friday, December 23, 2005

The day was very warm (around 40 degrees F) and comfortable. There was a lot of meltwater around town. We located our office in Crary lab and got our keys. We discussed priorities and allocation of resources. We checked the gear (sleeping bags, etc) we would be taking to the field to be sure everything was working well. Overall, it was a productive day.

A few team members took an orientation tour around McMurdo early in the morning. The entire team attended a briefing about recreational hikes and trails around the camp and how to stay safe on the trails. It is very important to understand the way they mark the trails using different colored flags. Otherwise one could get into serious difficulty here.

The team from the WAIS Divide field camp reported that the SAR transmitter and receiver were loaded on the rover last night and that the rover was able to carry them over the ice with no difficulties. They also continued to work on assembling the bistatic SAR, installing antennas, transmitter and receiver on sleds and the rover. The team marked measurement site with flags spaced 200 m apart over 4-km long lines both in normal and orthagonal directions for a total distance of 8 km.

Both groups will have a nice Christmas. McMurdo held a lovely Christmas party for support staff and scientists this evening. There were carols, Santa, a wide variety of hand-made decorations and fancy snacks. The group here really tries hard to make things nice for people. It is good to be where people are so friendly and really work to make a pleasant environment. The WAIS support staff are taking Christmas Eve day off, but the cooks are planning a grand feast for everyone at WAIS.

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