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  Monday, December 26, 2005

Today is colder than the previous days in McMurdo Station reaching 28 degrees Fahrenheit, but it was sunny with moderate winds of about 5.5 m/s. We started the day with an environmental briefing, which entailed waste management and taking appropriate measures for large and small spills. In the afternoon Dr. Braaten and Mr. Joel Plummer-- A graduate student in Geography and NASA Earth Science Enterprise Fellow -- took a safety training course on how to operate a Pisten-Bully. This human-operated vehicle would be used for collecting Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data on ice-bed interface Antarctic ice sheet.

We also briefed on Safety and operation snowmobiles. Our snowmobile instructor showed firsthand the mechanical concerns and the dangers that could occur during the operation of a snowmobile.

Drs. Braaten and Gogineni met briefly to discuss a revised work schedule for the second CReSIS team; this included using the Piston Bully for carrying the SAR and distributed time intervals for the team members. The team at West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) reported that they continued testing the temperature response of the radar. The data indicate that the radar performance in uncontrolled temperature environment is not good for SAR imaging of ice-bed interface. So they have decided to operate the SAR radar on an enclosed Pisten-Bully, installing the equipment in the passenger cabin with controlled temperature instead of outside on the rover. The team at WAIS also has begun assembling the plane-wave radar system and is processing the bistatic SAR data already collected.

The day ended with a discussion on Happy Campers' School, which is a survival camp that helps with the transition from McMurdo to field camp.

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