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Day 14 - May 19 2006

Our optimism was premature. We woke up to weather every bit as bad as yesterday. Since there was nothing pressing to get up for, most of us turned over in our bags and went back to sleep for a little longer. The storm has lasted for almost 4 days straight and we are starting to suffer from cabin fever and increasingly anxious to get on with things. We instituted the buddy system for awhile this afternoon for those who ventured out, as visibility was down to 30 yards, or as Steffan joked, �Visibility is unrestricted as far as I can see.� In fact, we could no longer make out the nearest tent (mine) from the weatherport and we were approaching whiteout conditions. But this can't last forever. Low pressure systems move more slowly at high latitudes.

Opening cases of food from the cargo line in preparation for sausage and pasta dinner. From left to right Andreas, Simon, Dennis and Sverrir.

Again we watched movies (The Day After Tomorrow and War of the Worlds) and told jokes to keep our spirits up.


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