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Day 27 - June 1 2006

Biffy graffiti - famous last words. We had a running joke about this as success or failure continuously hung in the balance.

The storm continued through the night and into the afternoon without signs of letting up. Once again work outside is on hold. We worked inside as best we could on preparations for the accumulaton radar mapping and Outreach activities. From my memory stick (flash drive,)I managed to recover software needed to generate the 3 km x 3 km grid we would map, and got the software to work. I also wrote up the journal entries on Dennis' laptop computer. By midafternoon, the winds began to slacken to about 11 mph.

After consulting with several Greenland veterans, we concluded this is either an Iceland Gull or the rarer Ivory Gull.

All day long JP's Iridium satellite telephone had been ringing. JP's wife, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, back in Copenhagen, was busy trying to find a solution to the midseason mission pullout and resupply. In the end, we received word by Iridium phone from Lars that the NSF would charter a Twin Otter to come pick us up for about $15,000 over the original cost of sending a C-130. The flight is scheduled to arrive at Station Nord around midnight, June 6/7. The flight crew would spend the night and fly us out the morning of the 7th. The three projects (Dorthe's, mine and Naja's) would each chip in $5000 to pay for the difference. Dennis had cooking duties for the camp for both lunch and dinner. He fixed beef stew and baked cod with gorgonzola sauce. Sverrir and Lars finally left Nord around 9:45 pm when the weather continuted to settle down and arrived back in camp by 11:45 pm with two sleds full of supplies.

Kitchen corner in the weatherport; all the conveniences of home, not!

Communications center and internet caf� at the back of the weatherport. Internet communications (courtesy of CReSIS and the National Science Foundation) proved critical to the success of our project.


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