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Day 32 - June 6 2006

Vertical panorama of drill dome and pit (from left to right: Sverrir, Steffan and Bruce).

The trip down off the ice dome did not occur today. The weather at Station Nord was iffy and snow was predicted. We called Dorthe in Kangerlussuaq around 11:30 am and she reported that the Twin Otter crew had decided not to come today. Instead, the drilling team went back to work and I worked in the kitchen weatherport. I cleaned, washed dishes, volunteered to make shrimp stir fry for dinner tonight, and worked on my outreach and e-mail tasks. The drill is now down to 130 m and continues to make steady progress. By afternoon the weather had cleared and the forecasts for tomorrow at stations along the flight route remained good.

Sverrir and Steffan demonstrating the technique for extracting ice core from the drill barrel.

An ice gull flies over Sverrir in camp looking for food scraps or possibly the lemming.


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