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Day 4 - May 9 2006

Arctic fox in town are common sights. This one has lost its white winter coat.

This morning we assembled in the lobby of the North Star Inn at 7:00 am for breakfast and to discuss our plan for the day. Fog hung low over the base as we made our way to Dundas Dining Hall, obscuring our view of all but the closest buildings. We learned that our plane had left on schedule ferrying personnel to Alert, Canada, in support of North Pole operations. We agreed to break into several groups in order to get the various tasks done more efficiently. After breakfast, we took care of final preparations for our scheduled departure for Station Nord in the morning. The major item of business involved remaking a couple of pallets to make aisle space on the plane so flight crew can move from the front to the back of the plane. We also turned in proper paperwork with base authorities. We purchased some last-minute supplies/provisions at the BX (Base Exchange) including some warm clothing items, pop, etc., as well as post cards and souvenirs. At lunch we made arrangements with Dundas Dining Hall personnel for box lunches for everyone going to Nord.

Dundas Dining Hall and North Star Inn

Food at the Dundas Dining Hall is amazingly inexpensive. The buffet breakfast cost only $1.70. Lunch and dinner will set you back a little more at $3.30 each. The food is very good and one can get made-to-order eggs and sandwiches.

Andreas and Dennis outside the Air Force Post Office with Dundas Mountain in the background


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