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The latest journal:

2006 Greenland

Previous Journals:

2005 McMurdo Station, Antarctica

2005 Summit, Greenland

2004 Summit, Greenland

2003 NGRIP, Greenland

Ride With Us!
as live feed comes from the polar regions

2005 WAIS Camp, Antarctica

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Photos and video right from the field

2005-2006 Photo Gallery Antarctica

2005-2006 Video Gallery Antarctica

Previous Galleries:

2005 Summit, Greenland

2004 Summit, Greenland

2003 NGRIP, Greenland

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Create your own calendar with photos from Antarctica
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Weather Data

2005 WAIS Divide Camp, Antarctica

2004 Summit, Greenland

Interesting People

2005 Antarctica

Photo of the Day

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PRISM held a webinar from Summit, Greenland, which was hosted by ARCUS-TREC, on July 19, 2005.
listen to the entire presentation here

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