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Scientists fly North for the Summer

The PRISM project's first field season has begun.

The PRISM team: five KU scientists, five KU students and one OSU student departed June 23rd for the Greenland ice sheets.

While there, they will be hosted by their Danish colleagues at the North GRIP, (pictured above), research facility. Located at 75 05 47N, 42 19 41W and at an elevation of 9639 feet above sea level, the North GRIP site was built in 1996. It is comprised of several dome-shaped buildings that can house up to 43 people. The North GRIP site is in its seventh season and was designed to support deep ice drilling (

The PRISM team will be working six days a week for three weeks at the site. During this time they will calibrate and test the machinery and start recording data.

To track their progress, Professor David Braaten will be reporting daily from the field.

Virtual PRISM allows a closer look at the work being done by PRISM Scientists when they are "on the ice." Students and teachers can keep up with the work of the scientists through a journal, videos and radar images.

Journals (Greenland 2003)

Graphics (Greenland 2003)

Data (Greenland 2003)

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    Calling in from the Ice:
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    Breaking News:

    At at a depth of 3,084.99 meters or 10,180.47 feet, the NGRIP drilling team has reached bedrock. The PRISM team's radar estimated a depth of 3,085 meters -- only .01 meters off from the actual depth!!!! Click here for more info. about the NGRIP project http://www.glaciology.

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